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. redskins will win. >>reporter: true ravens fan. live at the bank stadium back to you. >> all right thanks keith. >> you can share your ravens tailgating experience with all of baltimore. we really want to see it. up load the pictures. videos. even written story or 2 to neighborhood news go to fox baltimore tot come slash your take and also send pictures and video directly from your cell phone through pick at fox >> nothing like a live shot at tailgating party. >>> all right. dangerous toys could be in your child toy box. >> still to come tonight. nationwide recall after a baby gets hurt. >>> and more concern tonight over the h1n1 virus. another person in the state of maryland has died. scientist are focusing on now. >>> we are not going to give up the fight. >>reporter: and dirty job but somebody has to do it. how the city is keeping an eye on the city is keeping an eye on illegal dump >> new retail sales numbers show the recession is still going strong. commerce department says sales fell tenth of a percent last month. while that is not much, it is a much worse p
like the ravens are looking for some playmakers and wide receivers, the redskins come in tonight trying to see if their second year receivers will develop along with jason campbell. kelly and betts in the backfield. betts will get the carry right side and he is across the 40- yard line. a gain of about four on the play. jared johnson on the stop. but the redskins moving the ball fairly easily in the opening stages. if this is september, you're concerned. it's august, so temper any worries, though i know ravens fans in the year where they've had a transition in coordinator immediately will look for every sign of, uh-oh, this isn't the same thing. >> stan: no question about it. >> gerry: six defensive backs in for the ravens. campbell to throw. he's got a man wide open and he can't get it in his hands, off the outstretched hands of marcus hagans, the former kansas city chief. ray lewis finally applying the pressure as he chases jason campbell to the sideline. the ravens side stepped what would have been a big play for the redskins. >> stan: the ravens were bringing pressure. there's holes
story on tv during the redskins-ravens game he handed over a quarter million and can't put into words how it feels to get his ride back. ♪[ music ] >>> running back and kick returner rock cartwright missed practice with a groin problem. he hopes to play friday with the patriots at fedex field. with more we rejoin lindsey murphy. >> two down two, to go and friday preseason game number 3 for the redskins with the patriots. coaches like to call this a regur season dress rehearsal let me explain. the first units on both offense and defense are going to see at least two quarters ofaction maybe even more because the trend is that usually the starters don't play in the fourth preseason game with a ton of questions looming is the offensive line one unit. campbell get the redskins in the end zone and how good is the defense? the questions remain but one thing is certain the preseason game counts. >> that's like i said a good thing about it you go against the first group against our first group and see what you have. most guys play the first half maybe come out of the third quarter so you're
as the ravens within last night. the ravens dominated the game compiling nearly 500 net yards. the redskins moved the ball early but they couldn't get in the end zone. >> we had a whole bunch of plays but i thought for the plays that we were in, we about the positive yards. for the most part, we moved the ball. we took what was there. what wasn't there, they made a good play also. i thought the offensive line held up real well. >> the other major news in the nfl this more than, michael vick is back. he signed with the philadelphia eagles. that news comes just weeks after vick's release from serving 18 months in federal ison for a dogfighting conviction. we talked with fans at the redskins ravens game about vick's comeback. >> i was shocked when i saw that but they have to do what they have to do. i think it the fits the eagles real well. >> i'm a just waiting for don haven't macnab's momo talk more on her blog. it doesn't affect me too much. the size of the city in philadelphia, they don't have a lot of dogs running around. they have a leash law. >> i have no problem with it. he served hi
station where a lot of commuters are here are excited about the ravens and the redskins playing tonight. the ravens, said they're tired of playing each other and ready to take on another team. and tonight they'll get that chance in the beltway battle. it kicks off tonight at m&t bank stadium. fans are pumped up and ready to see the ravens in action. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. this means big profit for area businesses and some business owners stocked up on things like beads, t-shirts and other paraphernalia expecting lots of fun. no matter where you go, whether you're a ravens and redskins fans, lots of excitement. >> everyone is pumped. we're excited. we could not wait for football season to start. and i know we're going to win. >> we moved here in november. so parking. the bars are completely purple. so i don't wear my redskins stuff out here. i don't want to get beat up. >> reporter: both teams are sort of downplay tonight's game. the ravens said their focused on september 13th, the season opener. and that's what things will really heat up. >> didn't
blink you might miss t the ravens play the redskins tonight. so we're hoping nobody gets hurt. and this is an easy one for fan it's. you get to come out and cheer a little bit as we gear up for next month. sherrie johnson is live with the first preseason game of the year. >> reporter: yes. and the fans are ready to cheer. we're at penn station as a lot of people are pumped up. the game starts at 7:00 tonight at m&t bank stadium. and people are just ready to see their teams play. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. this means big profit are area businesses and some business owners stocked up on beads, t- shirts and other paraphernalia expecting big profit. but no matter if you're a redskins fan or a ravens fan, there's lots of excitement. >> i think the ravens are going to kill them tonight. i got $20 on it. and i'm laid off. >> reporter: you can tell he's pretty sure that his ravens will win. but we'll talk to some more folks coming up. people will be headed out there early to tailgate. lots of fun. reporting live at penn station, sherrie johnson, "goo
and the baltimore, you have the redskins raven's game coming up tonight at 7:30. the pace is slower. and there is an incident on the northbound side of 95 near 695 out of the roadway. most of the way up in the clarksburg and frederick county, you see the slow pace. more slow traffic at 121. it is really a mass heading south from the fourteenth street bridge. an accident on 395. traffic very slow coming down from pentagon. that is a look at traffic, back to you. >>> coming up, a warning for people who just love their flip flops. they look at the dirty secrets of the issues are holding. >> band slam opens this weekend, and it stars a person from s spngs. s. spngs. s. female announcer: from jennifer, while supplies last, this luxurious microfiber sofa and chair for just $399. our most dramatic offer ever: both pieces, just $399. while supplies last. from jennifer: you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big e
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any other brand of pain reliever. ravens football. the redskins versus the ravens. kickoff temperature 76. but we'll watch for the possibility of passing showers. now looking at the five-day forecast. showers will linger into the forecast saturday but a diminished chance from this day and tomorrow. sunday, monday and tuesday, notice how we take temperatures from the mid-80s up to almost 90. 92 into the next week of august. back inside. >>> when it gets too hot, many try to cool off in the swimming pool and a bear in california had the same idea. they spotted the bear in the pool. the homeowners tried to scare him away. he did take off but only to come back for another cooling dip. yeah. thank you for joining us on wjz 13, maryland's news station. see you tomorrow at 4:00.
. you can see the bivins and redskins players coming out to warm up. the ravens players are warming up in the shade. for the players tonight, it is a chance to step out of the grind of training camp and into the spotlight of a sellout stadium. as your rocco and arrested a break from westminster and get a chance to show off for the crest -- for the crowd tonight. last year, joseph akkjoe flasch stepped out. this year as a veteran, he has a simple philosophy for the game tonight. he is looking for productivity, not creativity. the crux first, you want to commend the -- >> first, you want to commend thecommand -- command of the offense. push the numbers of the field, a sideline to sideline. that is what we're going to try to do this preseason. before us to improve our offense, we about to throw the football better. >> you have the call for you to -- for tonight's game, ravens and the redskins brought you with a simulcast right here at 7:30 p.m. we will have it on tv 11 and 98 roch. pregame shows start at 7:00 p.m. tiger woods gets less chance that trying to get his first major of the year
the redskins. tonight raven on raven at training camp. and the end of a practice play. they engage in a scuffle. teammates rush to the scene causing another to break out. nobody was hurt. blowing off steam. and ravens with ill play the redskins on thursday here in baltimore. an intern was put to work. and and intern played. ineligible to participate because ited exceeds the roster limit. back to holding a clip board for the intern. >> that's the thing. he got reps in. >> thank you. >>> we'll be back. >>> the boss is coming to baltimore november 20th. he is scheduled to perform at first mariner arena. this is his first baltimore show since 1973 when he opened up for chicago. tickets will be available september 25th. (announcer) tired of nighttime breathing problems? (sniffy/congested noises) ("whish, whish") here's the solution. (applause) is it a bandage you ask? no! it's famous, drug free breathe right. (squeaky noise) ingenious flexible strips that fit your nose to gently open your nasal passages... (free air/deep breath) ...for up to 31% more airflow. (female) wow! (announcer) you'll breathe
in baltimore, the ravens and redskins got things started. the complete recap coming up. >>> tonight, the mother of a local woman killed in the pan am 123 tragedy over scotland is outrages that the terrorists might be released from prison. she spoke with terry owennings. >> it's beyond upsetting. >> reporter: rosemary miles seethes with anger that the terrorists may soon be freed from prison for humanitarian reasons. >> he has no right to humane treatment. he is -- he murdered 270 innocent people, including whole families. including a 2-year-old baby. >> reporter: miles' daughter was 20-year-old miriam wolf. she was among the passengers on board pan am flight 103 when it blew up in 1988. >> there is no gets over the loss of a child. >> reporter: this woman, a former libyan secret service agent, was the only man convicted in the attack. he is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and they are close to a decision to go back to libya. >> i should be delighted if he does go back to his family to die. it's inhuman to keep him in prison. >> the scottish government, to be considering this, this is a ho
the redskins have asked for that waxing. >> reporter: the ravens regular season begins sunday, september 13th against the kansas city chiefs. that gym here it at m&t bank stadium. >> kai, i was going to saw question and put you on the spot but after that last line saying they asked for the waxing, i'm beginning to wonder, you're near d.c., do you find yourself caught up in this whole hoopla over the game? >> reporter: yeah, just a little bit. it's infectious. everybody kind of gets caught up in it. kai jackson live from near the stadium. mark will have highlights and reactions from tonight's victorien sports. >>> come on down. today dozens showed up in downtown baltimore to become the next contestant on the price is right. we have some of the excitement. >>> growing outrage. one of the men convicted in the worst terror attack on british soil may soon go free. what victims' family members are saying tonight. >>> a woman is murdered, and her body dumped here in carroll county. now police want to know who committed that crime more than 20 years ago. that's coming up next. >>> looking like a warm
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y se enfrentaron los dos equipos del area, los redskins contra los ravens, partido jugado en baltimore. por la copa sudamericana hoy se jugaron dos partidos asi es que vamos al resumen. (take vo) tras la victoria de argentina 3-2 sobre rusia hablo el tecnico diego armando maradona. tras un aÑo, pasando por operacion y recuperacion, pedro martinez aparecio con nuevo equipo los filis y el dominicano dice como se siente. hasta aqui los deportes, buenas noches a todos.. @oúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
away from kickoff now. redskins/ravens in the preseason opener. this is a make or break year for quarterback jason camp bell. coming up, hear his thoughts. that season will change his career. will it change for the better or for the worse? coming up in 12 minutes. for now, we head out there about 20 minutes ago, pouring down rain and now it is beautiful and not a cloud in the sky. >> we did the rain dance for you. now it's moving off to the south and thwest and the r dolepple live 9,000. they are tually lymoving down oriuimlt stisngm moviad away from baltimore mod heading into some of r ousuourbouars nd out there and columbia and howard county. we'll come back to talk about that storm and we'll talk about the weekend. stay tuned. 3f?f?f?ffa) >>> a tough economy, a slashed salary. more money coming into the bill. whether you pay on time or not, the law protects you. they are here with some tips you need to know to protect you. good to see you. >> hi. >> i guess that you need to know that the person on the other end is legitimate because we did a story yesterday about the bett
's a regional bad blood there, redskins-ravens. >> and people are fired up for season, i think and ready for it. >> everybody is ready for football. >> that's right. >> let's look at a shot of the stadium. a lot of people already heading down to the stadium. the game isn't until after 7. i tell you, dousing of rain. it's slick there. some of the seats plenty wet. 81 the current temperature at bwi. humidity 67%. we've got an east breeze. that will make it feel a little better, because the humidity is up. and as we take a look at the current radar picture right now, there is that pain in the butt cell we'll call it. it just tracked right over downtown baltimore. and again right over m&t bank stadium. it is moving steadily off to the south. that's the good news. as we take you out to a much broader process set, the one cell went over the stadium. the numbers. some good news for us. temperature-wise 81 the normal high. and that's where we topped out today. the normal actually about 86 degrees. so we're liking that old records up in the 100s. nowhere close to that. 83 and 85 and the current right no
redskins/ravens after that. y seeou aatt see you at 11:00. until then, enjoy. >>> on the broadcast tonight -- moment of impact. exclusive and dramatic new images that may help explain that deadly midair collision above the hudson river. >>> tight money -- americans aren't spending. can there be recovery without them? what may be the downside of the cash for clunkers program? >>> overwhelmed -- the health care crisis close up. what happened when word got around about the free health care clinic we told you about earlier this week? >>> and death of a legend -- even if you never picked up a guitar, he changed your life, the remarkable les paul is gone. he changed your life, the remarkable les paul is gone. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television iversal television >>> good evening. i'm ann curry in for brian williams. and tonight a new video obtained exclusively by nbc news may help investigators explain last weekend's tragic midair collision over new york's hudson river. all nine people aboard the plane and the sightseeing helicopter died in an accide
's the redskins and the ravens and the preseason game for both teams. whis going to play and who is not? jim zorn will tell us and what he is looking for as the news edge at 6:00 continues. happening at pizza hut. - woooh, ne! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... anour persal panormous pizza s. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. cashor clunkis available at your chevy dealer with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. f i yoer cnk lu i qualifies to be recycled, you caget a $3500 or4500 government rebate and just annound! if you qualify for the cnk er you caget a $3500 or4500 government rebate rebate, you may also qualify for 0% r for 72 months. that means you can buy a 0maorlibu fli $1 a month after bu a $3500 government aywnba a pdoo .ay pment .mehat means you can buy a 0maorlibu fli $1 a month after go to for details. - woooh, nice! - at's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... anour personal panormous pizzstarting at just $5. the big eat tiny p
8. go to our web site to find out more information at top-level some ravens and redskins fans cannot wait for the game. president obama called the nation to change. now they have the nation's highest civilian honor. the medal of freedom was given out. and a three day beach bash for state and county officials is underway in ocean city. the taxpayers are footing much of the bill. that story is next. >> a storm is impacting parts of maryland tonight. the forecast is coming up. temperatures are in the mid 70's. >> 16 people were described as agents of change and were awarded a medal of freedom today. sidney poitier was honored. sandra day o'connor was also honored. senator edward kennedy was also honored. >> let them stand as an example in the united states and around the world of what we can achieve in our own might. let them stand as an example of the differences we can make in the lives of others. >> other recipients include desmond tutu and billie jean king. an annual beach bash kicked off today in ocean city. there was a tighter budget here than it has been in a long tim
out the redskins 23-0. back to work, ravens. as with every ravens game, fans pack the parking lots all around the stadium tailgating and talking football. marybeth marsden has more on you fans. >> go, ravens! >> big victory for us tonight. preseason, we'll give it a shot and get everyone ready to go. >> reporter: what better way to kick things off than with a backyard brawl. >> the ravens will win. >> the redskins will win tonight. the battle of the beltways is nothing better than that. >> we're gonna win. >> reporter: certainly some fans are already in mid-season form. >> redskins are no good. ravens are the greatest. >> reporter: and while nobody likes to lose, everyone in here knows the most important thing is not to lose any players. >> i just hope everybody comes out of the first preseason game healthy and move onto the second game and keep everybody healthy for the season. >> reporter: spoken like a coach, but no doubt this is still a big game. and frankly, we had no idea how big. >> ravens fans are all over the world, even in london, england. >> it's going to be a shutout tonig
, everybody. i'm dave feldman. tonight the ravens and redskins hooked up in a preseason game. there was no game planning and there was no contest. washington net yards 196. ravens 500. less check in on jason campbell and see how he did on his first series. the first pass a good one complete to ladell beths for 12 yards. that was a good season. maybe things were off to a good start. his second pass, complete to chris cooley, 11 yards. so many things are going well for jason campbell. we're still on the very first drive. and campbell is going to throw it a bit high to a former virginia receiver marcus hagan who had some room behind him but didn't catch it. campbell 3 of 6, 38 yards and had thiassessment after the game. >> we had a couple of plays. we have a whole bunch of plays but -- [ inaudible ] you have to play more to get the rhythm. but for the most part we moved the ball. [ indiscernible ] the offensive line held up real well, the first group. >> as for the game's outcome, 11 seconds left in the first half, troy smith to justin harper. 19 yards for a touchdown. 13-0 rave
. if that was the direction we were going in, i would not have a problem with it at all. >> the redskins now have the ravens loss behind them. the redskins know they have to eliminate mistakes, be more physical. i want you to listen to clinton portis who will make his debut on saturday night. >> everybody knows what went wrong. you cannot just contribute everything to the bottom -- to the baltimo defense. we messed up. >> with temperatures in the 90's, a few of the rockies got tied up. while the veteran scott pleaded -- while the veterans pleaded innocent, the rookies did not say they tied themselves up. >> he put his arm around me, and said do not fight it. they mean it. it is better to go with it. >> checking my text, they just signed their 12th-round pick. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. this is the po
, redskins and ravens from baltimore. >> an awful lot on the line. dan, thanks so much. we will see you in a bit. >> as you can see, it is already raining out there. we go to bob now to find out what it is going to be like by the time the game begins. >> the healthy shower that was out there. a very localized and look at radar. you can see where that area of rain is. it is beginning now just to move and that's the reason just to the south of baltimore, so it will be clearing the area. it has been moderate showers there around central parts of baltimore. meanwhile, to the south, there may be a few showers for you folks into anne arundel county, to nothing around here. even though we have been dry. so if you are still heading up there, at game time, i think pretty good football weather. some clouds but also since the sun doesn't set until 58, it will be partly sunny. 28 degrees, reasonably tl comfortable for early exhibition. preseason football. and our temperature right here in washington right now is 86. even with the showers you can see it is 81 in baltimore. overnight tonight, later o
the carry and burst up the middle for the 7-yard score. ravens shutout the redskins 23-zero in the preseason opener. >> ravens have tomorrow off and return to training camp saturday in westminster. back to you guys. . >> yes, sir, animals can be trained to do a nine dollars. considering what you get... that's a really great price. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. cash for clunkers is available at your chevy dealer. with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. if your clunker qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. that means you can buy a '09 malibu for $271 a month after a $3500 government rebate and no down payment. go to for details. . >> animals can be trained to do a lot of amazing things. but getting a college -- a ged is suspicious. >> oreo the cat earned her ged from jefferson high school online. with a little help from her owner. all it took was a couple of tests and personal essay. her o
, as the ravens get ready to host the washington redskins. last year we saw a whole lot of offense going on, things we had not seen here for quite sometime. the man who put it all together, cam cameron back again. how much of the play book are we going to see tonight? >> well, it's a training camp game and we're just going to continue our installations that we've used the last couple of weeks, but we want to give every guy an opportunity, every guy on offense is going to play, so we really don't need a ton of the offense in right now. we'll keep it as simple as we can. >> you want to see joe flacco completing many passes. talk to me about your relationship with him, now it's grown. he's been here a full year, some of the differences you've seen since the last time we saw him on the field. >> technically he's sounder than he was a year ago. the important thing is the relationship he has with the rest of the guys on offense. he's a great leader. he's really, his leadership is growing every day. that's still, we're going to see that over the next few years. that's not just this year, but his l
down to the redskins-ravens game, kick off. if you're planning on heading to the shore, looks like this. 85 degrees for friday. 86 on saturday. 86 on sunday. with temperatures in the water in the mid-70s. that's a mouthful. but a lot of nice, warm weather to enjoy for the weekend. >> be sure to tune in to the prime time lineup at 10:00. >>> and wjz's great prostate challenge continues. as part of our continuing community commitment, there is another free prostate cancer screening this weekend. it is this saturday. from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at 1700 north caroline street, which is at the zion baptist church. >>> katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. katie? >>> more than 1 billion people, one out of every six, do not have access to fresh water. but now a former nightclub owner is using his talent to change that. one glass of water at a time. that's tonight only on the cbs evenings news-- evening news. >>> insurgent resistance. they are exchanging fire with the taliban. >>> and conduct unbecoming an officer of the court. the childish tactic a lo
. >>> the news of vick's signing broke in the middle of the season opener between the redskins and ravens and the kins can only hope it distracted attention from the giant egg they were laying on the field last night. a 23-0 skunking at the hands of the ravens. the redskins starting offense never got across mid field. the starting defense played two series. one six minute drive and one seven minute drive. both resulting in ravens scores. jim zorn took stock today and tried to stay medium. >> he's not scoring points and sustaining drives. it is irritating and it is, i have to call a better game. and i have to put our guys in a position to score. that's number one from my standpoint. >> blaming himself. you have to respect that. you can hear zorn's full unedited press conference including his thought on comp bell's performance last night and which quarterback is leading that competition. log on to our website >>> tiger had a one stroke lead after the first round of the pga championship and the party line from hazelton was everything is over. mail the check and we will take care o
averaging -- [ inaudible ] >>> the battle of the beltways. redskins, ravens hitting the preseason gridiron up in baltimore. the price of the ticket not keeping fired up fans at home. bob barnard headed up 95 to talk to them about dollars and cents examined of x ses and os. >> reporter: we know they're excited for football and the new n.f.l. season. >> i am so psyched. you cannot believe how psyched i am. >> reporter: be them wearing black and purple. >> i'm absolutely a ravens fans. >> reporter: how are going to do this year? >> we're going to do great. we're going all the way to the super bowl. >> we're staying loyal to the redskins. >> i'm pushing playoffs. >> reporter: but football can't be the only thing on their minds tonight. how about the economy? >> fresh roasted peanuts. lemonade and ice tea. >> reporter: the economy-- >> the economy? i think it's looking up. it can only go up good i'm feeling like it's a disaster. employment is hard, job, everything. it's really not doing well. >> reporter: especially if you just finished college. >> i worked my butt off for four years and here i
of the beltways. nfl preseason gets underway for the redskins and raven is denied. they will face of in baltimore at 7:30 p.m.. can't believe it is already time for football. >> i know. it will be interesting to see. this afternoon is feeling pretty comfortable. pretty big import awards for the middle of summer in august. some are operating's. each day isolated storms possible of. but it had -- very birthday to my wife. i will give you a present right after the show. >> thank you for joining us.
. . >>> the redskins and ravens tomorrow in the preeve son debut. you won't see albert haynesworth, portis and moss. you will see marcus mason. the leading rusher last year in the pre-season. 317 yards on 66k. after being cut last year by the skins he was on the practice squad of the jets and the ravens but the red skins thought enough of him to give him his third shot whavments. what are his chances? >> they are good. i -- you know i think marcus mason came in last year and did very wellt. was hard to see himo. even last year so that's one of the reasons he is back. he worked so hard, he is earning his right to be here. >> happy to be back here. great teammates and they are all helping me out. giving me confidence to make it. >> i know the place. i'm better on special teams on other teams practice squads, working on special teams. i feel like him better i have a better shot. >> the wizards showcased their new center. a day after heed the contract. he is 6'10'', 245-pounds and is here to help. >> like to see what he is missing on the team and help them if i got to play -- take a shot for ten g
there. >> welcome to baltimore, folks. the ravens beat the redskins, 23-0, not the way the redskins wanted to open their preseason. there were a couple of bright spots. jim zorn talking about them >>> the local tennis facility wher saen serenahttas kid iougta kids theht ge vianonnct e .tion jackie benson reports, officials there say they will fight to ep it open. >> the eviction notice served at the tennis and learning center in the 700 block, mississippi avenue southeast. it states the founding organization, recreation wish list committee has 30 days to vacate the building. the notice so upset founder cora masters berry she choked back tears as she spoke about creating the facility for a public-prite partnership ten years ago. >> this is my reason for living. this is my mission. this is the best job anybody could have. doing things for kidd. we have done a good job of it. >> she is married to but separated from former mayor marion barry. he joined d.c. mayor, at a basketball court dedication. >> cora masters-barry is an amazing contributor to the city. and i am sure that this is pr
downtown. >> reporter: good morning. 7:30 tonight, that's kickoff. and it's the ravens versus the redskins. redskins fans of course very, very anxious to see what their team is going to do. there is a lot of excitement. we've been talking to the fans here today, and i would say that they are cautiously optimistic about tonight's game, as well as the season. fans have gotten a feel for the team during training camp, but tonight is the first time they get to see the redskins really play. the skins take on ravens in their first pre-season game in baltimore tonight. fans will be watching closely hoping to gain insight into the way the season will go. >> there is a lot of optimism. there is a lot of hope. to see if they can mesh together, keep the injuries away, i think we'll be all right. >> pre-season is the time to see what their strengths and weaknesses are and adjust. we'll see some of the strengths and probably some of the weaknesses. >> reporter: last year's season was a business disappointing. a strong start fizzled taking the skins out of playoff contention. fans are hoping for more th
the redskins kick off their preseason with a game against the ravens. antwan randall-el wants to prove he should a starter. he is out to prove he has it. >> the time i need to show out. i don't particularly care for the preseason game to be honest with you. but the time that we put out there, off chance to make the catch and block, an opportunity comes and you have to make a play. >> our sports team has the the preseason game covered. live reports from m&t bank stadium in baltimore begin at 5:00 and we will have highlight and reaction at 11:00. >>> in 90 minutes the 91st pga championship begins in minnesota. and all eyes will be, as always, on tiger woods. he's won five tournaments this year but no majors. after an eight-game winning streak the nationals are on a two-game losing streak. adam laroche had a pair of home runs last night including a go-ahead solo shot in the 7th. nats lose 6-2 and begin a four- game series in cincinnati tonight. >>> our time is 6:24. >>> ahead a check on the virginia gubernatorial race one candidate talks tax and the other talks crime. >>> and a special livi
, redskins were 8-8 last year. did not make it to the post season. the baltimore ravens went 11-5. made it all the way to the afc title game where they lost to the pittsburgh steelers. for the redskins and the ravens, some vets will play today, but not for long. that's just not the way the preseason works. jason campbell and the first team offense for the skins could see two series at the most. same could be said for the first team defense. neither team game plan for the other and they will focus solely on their own personnel and player evaluation. for the veterans, the preseason, a necessary evil. >> i don't particularly care for the preseason game to be honest with you. the time that we put out there, you have a chance to make the catch, make the block, and that kind of thing. you got to do that and that's why they want to use the preseason to see where guys are at even when it comes to age and that kind of thing, whether you are older or younger. the opportunity comes, you have to make the play. >> reporter: and one of the interesting dynamics tonight, we'll take a look at 6:00 is
. he made it look easy at time. the redskin court was beaten several times. troy smith of the ravens began the half with his touchdown. that was its. the first half touchdown, the ravens beat the redskins, the final, 23-0. >> on third down they played great coverage. we moved the ball and got possible play. the more you play, the more rhythm you get into. >> we are going to look at the film, see what we can do to fix a our mistakes. >> the redskins go 0-1 in the preseason. michael vick is back in the national football league. he signed a contract with the philadelphia eagles. michael vick was in philadelphia all day. they will have a news conference tomorrow to announce it. he was the number two draft pick in 2001. he has not played since 2006. he was convicted of running a dogfighting operation. he was suspended indefinitely from the nfl. he signed a two-year deal with the eagles today. now let me tell you this -- the suspension begins as soon as the regular-season starts. the commissioner says he will reevaluate the suspension and will and it by week number 6. bottom line, michael
. style, quality, and price matter. jcpenney >>> the redskins and ravens will hook up tonight in the preseason debut for both teams. >> among the redskin not taking the field, albert haynesworth, clinton portis an most likely you won't see santana moss. you will see a lot of marcus mason. the nfl's leading preseason rusher last year with 317 yards in the preseason. he was cut by the redskins. too many running backs. of his put on the practice squad for the ravens and jets. redskins thought enough of him to give him another shot with the team. it will be his third. so what are his chances of sticking around this year? >> they are good. i didn't know he was on the bubble. but i think marcus mason came in last year and did very, very well. it was hard to see him go even last year. so that is one of reasons he is back. he works so hard. he is earning his right to be here. >> i'm happy to be back here. great teammates of mine and they are all helping me out, giving me confidence to make it. >> i know the plays. i'm better at special teams being on other teams' practice squads worki
just a little loud. preseason or not, ravens fans believe the redskins have added to it. the baltimore ravens regular season begins september 13th against the kansas city chiefs, that is here at home. >> next up, a meeting with rex ryan and his new team the jet. >> the new york jets. the yorks. >> i'm excited for the season. >> there was a mental jazz going around the city yesterday, could feel it. you could absolutely feel it. >> antis eight and -- anticipation. >> who is going to be healthy at the end of the year. it's the end of the year, we don't deal with the steelers until almost 3/4 of the season is over with. >> we're are for them this year. >> i think we have more respect losing than super bowl. what did you hear? all you heard from every announcer, whether it's espn, they had to beat the ravens. by the end of the day, it must be pretty tough. we'll see. let's take a look at the cameras outside, we have been worry about fog, just not seeing any. the dew point is at 100%. some passing clouds. it's a function of the light coming up over the horizon. clouds should be pas
as your section welcomes you back after a long winter's nap. >> the raveps play the redskins in the preseason opener. sherrie johnson is live to see how everybody is getting set for kickoff. >> reporter: we're here at penn station where serve excited about kickoff. no one more excited than the raven's team. they're tired of playing against each other. and tonight they'll get the chance to play another team against the washington redskins. it kicked off at m&t bank stadium tonight. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. and this means big profit for area businesses and some business owners stocked up on beads and t-shirts and other paraphernalia. but no matter where you go, whether you're a ravens or redskins fans, there's lots of excitement. >> i'm a redskins fan. that's all i can say about that. >> the ravens are going to take it. >> reporter: and the ravens' season opener will be on september 13th. reporting live at penn station, sherrie johnson, "abc 2 news". >>> louisville basketball coach is sorry to his family and fans. he told police that he had s
to be sentenced next month. >> the purple pride in full force. >> the ravens certainly took on the redskins in tonight's first preseason game. we have team coverage of that game. john sherman is live downtown. he has been talking with the fans tonight, sharing the game with them. first we begin with pete gilbert with a quick recap of the battle of the beltway. >> it turned out to be not much of a battle as the ravens blew the doors off the redskins. it's a preseason game. you can't say they are going to win the super bowl after this, but as far as things you wanted to see, you see a team that didn't turn the balance over, didn't allow any point and put up 23 themselves. it was impressive indeed. here are some highlights. ray lewis didn't have much to do with this game. he played one serious and was done. that was ok with him. but the offense got things going. joe flacco to ray rice. a little bit of a stumble. many plays over 35 yards for the ravens tonight. they also got it done with troy smith to r.j. smith. the smith connection impressive. troy smith threw the ball 30 times. he was the pl
. tonight the redskins take on the ravens up in baltimore in their first prey season game. lit give fans a first loo at what washington players have to offer this year. game time is 7:30. we will have live team coverage at the top of the hour. game here on news4. >>> in the battle over health care reform, that provision for end of life counseling that fuel rumors of so-called death panels is now being dropped. >> it is proof those angry town halls are having an impact and hurting president obama and the democrats brought out in a new pop. steve handelsman has details. >> reporter: after two weeks of health care demonstrations and town hall disruptions run daily on the news -- >> you are lying! >> reporter: democrats shouted at coast to coast, this was seattle last night. there's more doubt about the democrats' proposal. >> it is funny how a lot of people talk about, you know, obama's health care plan and don't have any faith or belief in it. >> reporter: "usa today" poll finds 44% of americans now sympathetic to the protesters' views. bad ne for the white house. >> part of it is some of
. and the baltimore ravens kicked off the season with a win against the washington redskins. sports director mark viviano was live at camden yards, where the other birds are set to play tonight. but first, more on the excitement of last night's win. hi, mark. >> how are you doing? yeah. at this time last night, we were over at m&t bank stadium. and the onset of the football season, certainly in the air. even though it is just preseason, the fans were into it, and the ravens did not disappointment with the ravens against the redskins. >> joe flacco stepped into his second season as a raven. and orchestrated an offense, took positive steps down the field on the opening possession. a short pass to ray rice turns into the longest game of the drive. it led to the first of two field goals. the first touchdown came from backup quarterback troy smith. connecting with justin harper for the score. the ravens roll over the redskins, 23-0. and the first dress rehearsal is a successful one. >> physical. protected the football. defense obviously played very well. young, offensive linemen did a good job. >>> th
:30 here on news4. the redskins and it is the ravens. lindsay will be on the sideline bringing you in-game coverage. we will both be with you, post-game show after the game with players and coaches live. >> they will have a lot to say because there is a lot on this game tonight. >> it is going to be a fun one. we will be here every step of the way. >> predictions? >> oh, gosh. >> go ahead. >> predictions? 21-14, redskins. >> 28-12, skins coming out on top. >> appreciate it, guys. >> when we come back, bob will have a final check on the forecast. >> million dollar prize to anyone that can provide evidence of a mermaid in one small town. >>> fans are already gearing up for the big game in baltimore mitt. >> derrick ward sin side the stadium where the festivities are really cooking. >> well, you can see behind me things are picking up on the field mao. ravens have taken the field. redskins have been out here to do their practice. we have been focusing on outside. what goes on among the fans in this tale of two cities. as you get closer to game time, more burgundy and gold mixed in with t
out here. there is a beltway battle bruising tonight against the ravens and the redskins. and people at penn station, the commuters are excited and pumped up to see that game. and it kicks off at m&t stadium tonight. fans want to see their teams in action. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. and this means big profit for area businesses. and some business owners stocked up on beads and t- shirts and other types of paraphernalia. and we caught up with commuters this morning to hear what they think about the game. >> i'm excited. i think that the ravens are going to kick butt. i think we got really good players this year. >> i think the ravens are going to kill them tonight. they're going to knock them out. i got toss on it and i'm laid off. >> reporter: there you have it. some diehard ravens fans expecting a good game tonight and the ravens season opener will be on september 13th. reporting live at penn station, sherrie johnson, "abc 2 news". >>> a public wake for eunice kennedy shriver is scheduled for a cape cod church this afternoon. the wake will be held a
! ♪ >>> good evening. i'm dave feldman. the redskins and ravens will hook up tomorrow night in baltimore in the preseason debut for both teams. among the redskins you will not be seeing, lbert hanes worth, clinton portis and most likely santana moss. the n.f.l. 's leading rusher last year in the preseason, 317 yards, 66 carries. after being cut last year by the red skins, he was on the practice squad on both the ravens and the jets. but the red skins thought enough of him to give him a third shot with the team. what are marcus' chances of sticking? >> they're good. i mean, i didn't know he was on the bubble. but i thinkarcus mason came in last year and did very, very well. it was hard to see him go, even last year. so that's one ever the reasons he's -- of the reasons he's back. he works so hard. he's earning his right to be here. >> i'm happy to be here. they're helping me out, giving me confidence to make it. >> i know the plays. i'm better on special teams, working on special teams. i feel like i'm better at that. so i feel i've got a better shot. >> last night the nats winning streak
night, against the redskins at ravens stadium. nascar racing on a monday on the road course at watkins, new york. mishap. sam hornish junior spun out of control. sweeps out across the road. a nasty crash, no injuries. joey also got caught up in that crash. meanwhile, tony stewart took the lead on that restart. and he led the way for the final 25 labs -- laps. he held off on marcos an dros. tony stewart, earning his third win of this season. it's his seventh career road course win. >>> o's have dropped eight straight against oakland, in a streak that goes back to last year. they'll try to stop that streak. tonight i'll have highlights back at 11:00. >> stay cool. we'll be right back. >>> just a reminder for you to be sure to tune in to the cbs prime time lineup. tonight at 10:00, it's another episode of csi miami. >>> bartenders from around the world put their skills to the test at the 35th world cocktail competition in germany. bartenders were flipping bottles and mixing specials. remember that tom cruise movie? over 800 people from 56 countries came to compete. only 15 competitors wil
matter, what should fans be watching for when the ravens play the redskins tonight? coming up a little later on in sports. i'll run down some of the elements that bear watching in tonight's preseason game. >> thank you, mark. >>> i know you're ready for some football. oh, yeah. >> nice to see you sneak down there and hang out with mark. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. >> she's in a better place now, looking down on her. but no, she never even knew. >>> devastating loss. a pregnant mother gets the swine flu and gives birth rile while in a coma. -- birth while in a coma. her husband's emotional words. >>> a woman is murdered. and her body dumped here in carroll county. now, police want to know who committed that crime more than 20 years ago. that's coming up next. >>> i'm ron matz at the maryland spca on falls road. baltimoreans get a chance to audition for the price is right. the story when eyewitness news continues. >>> can we expect rain for the rest of the week? we're updating the first warning weather for the with bob. >>> what should have been a happy time for one pregn
replaced by. redskins and ravens tomorrow night. the game here on nbc 4. kickoff set for 7:30. hour egame coverage starts during the 5:00 news and continues with our post-game show immediately following the game. redskins all night on news4 tomorrow. tough loss for the hoak ee. virginia tech losing leading rusher darren evans for the year with a torn acl. the hokies are ranked seventh in the country. >>> folks, you heard it here. gilbert arenas is an all-star form. that according to his head coach flip saunders. gil has been working out in chicago with michael jordan's trainer, surgely repaired knee about four times as strong as it has been. i don't know how they figured that out but that's what they are saying. sandra saw gil play in person and said all of his quickness is back and you can't tell he has been hurt. the wizards new big man signed his contract and passed his fisz cal today. he will wear number 21 and will be a valuable back upbig off the bench. he won an nba championship with the spurs and olympic gold medal with his native argentina. grunfeld call the 6'10" big man the fin
shut out by the baltimore ravens. the redskins could not get anything going, offensive play, in the preseason opener last night for the defense could not stop the ravens. it was a 23-nothing blowout. the starters did not play for very long. it is the football fans who are talking today about the redskins rivals, the philadelphia eagles. the city of brotherly love just announced they are getting quarterback michael vick back into the game after serving his dogfighting sentence. kathy mark talk to fans, critics, and skeptics. >> i made some mistakes. i have done some terrible things. now, i want to be part of the solution and not the problem. >> a remorseful michael vick will return to the nfl after a two-season hiatus. he brings a storm of controversy before stepping onto the field. >> i don't know if i can root for him. >> it is good to have him get a second chance to play. i'm a packer fan. it does not matter to me. i'm glad he is not with the packers. >> he sighed a one-year deal for $1.6 million and has the option of staying on for another season. >> i don't think he is a
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